In The Internal Landscape, Waltraud Maczassek attempts to represent the most intimate part of herself, her own feelings, emotions and thoughts. For me, it is precisely in the communication of the artist's private world to the work itself where the ultimate meaning of the painting can be found. It is a virtuoso piece of work, a wonderfully nuanced, meticulous painting from a painter who has made Catalonia her home and yet manages to achieve a beautiful, singular reconciliation of her Nordic roots and the Mediterranean life she leads today.

Her painting also stems from another reconciliation that draws together forms which evoke nature in a more or less precise way, such as a waterfall or a mountain range, and the emotion that this produces within her, which she captures with remarkable sensitivity.

This is a painter firmly rooted in the Catalan internal landscape painting tradition, with an intensely personal and perceptive contribution that can be considered alongside the likes of Albert Ràfols Casamada.


Maria Lluïsa Borràs. The interior landscape
Art critic - Maragall gallery exposition (2002)