The paintings of Waltraud Maczassek do not hold or rely on any conceptual or theoretical support; they speak only of painting asserting itself through the painter's tools and, above all, through her powerful pictorial instinct – a mix of passion and, ultimately, control. Waltraud understands the materials with which she is faced, and with an intuitive approach, somewhere between the earthly and the conciliatory, succeeds in freeing her work of any anecdotal burden, elevating it to a symbolic and abstract level.

Waltraud dares, with the expressivity of a glaze, with the force of a line, with the strength of a gesture and with the evocative power of a fragment, to breathe life into her painting, to give it intensity and to express the image – impossible to describe in words – of the reversible sensation between the eternal and the fleeting; a sensation communicated by spaces crouching under the trickling weight of time. Her "essentialist figurative painting" effectively offers a new reading and interpretation of organic reality.


Anna Guasch
Art critic