Waltraud Maczassek was born in Frankfurt am Main.

She lives and works in Barcelona. Fine Art studies at the Pedagogical Institute in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Studies and Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of San Jorge, Barcelona, as well as research credits.

Solo exhibitions in Spain in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, and relevant museums such as those in Montserrat and at the Palau Miramar in Sitges.

Exhibitions abroad in Berlin, Geneva, Oslo and Wiesbaden.
Group exhibitions such as the Martin Luther King related "I have a dream", exhibited in several cities in the United States and Spain or "Terra i Arbres" at the Palau Robert in Barcelona among others.

Creation of large murals for BASF (Tarragona) and Miguel Torres (Sant Martí Sarroca).

Works in the field of sculpture, engraving and photography.